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A special introduction by Christina

Note: This course is not meant to replace any medical or mental health treatment or therapy. Please always consult with your healthcare provider for your most complete care. This is the first course in a 7 series channeling course and offers an introduction to the basics of channeling. Bear in mind that in order to get the full benefit from the first course and really integrate channeling into your everyday lifestyle proficiently, you will need to complete and practice this entire series (all 7 courses) to see the results. And those results can be incredible!

This is what some people are saying about our channeling course:


“Thank you Athella and thank you, Christina! Since beginning the first channeling course I have noticed major changes in my relationship with my husband and children. No more battles and squabbles over the little things like who left the toilet seat up, who didn’t complete their homework, or who is pestering who, etc etc etc! I’ve learned how to tap into my inner Guides and use resources on the spot to ask for what I need, and bless my family with this higher help.”

–S.R. Portland Oregon


“Working in car sales had become a nightmarish daily entrenchment of pushy collegues, high stress customers, and deadlines I just couldn’t keep up with. I was at my breaking point when I came across your site and this channeling course. I’m a dude so I was kind of skeptical and laughing at myself for even considering this could work for me. A female friend of mine recommended it and she rated it top grade so I said ‘ok, let’s go for it!’ Now after having completely all 7 courses (2 times- the second round was for a refresher!), I feel such a change in perspective. I admit I’m not yet an expert at channeling, but I sure do feel when I’m connected and when I’m not. I guess I was really living in zombie land before and now it’s like I’m awake. It’s easier now for me to channel the kind of energy I want around me, and I noticed that my work environment has been much easier to be in- or maybe I’m changed so everything looks different to me now!
–Zak Orlando Florida

This is so much more than a course about channeling. This is a course designed to help you develop life skills that will teach you the art of thinking (thinking consciously) and not thinking (being), how to manifest anything you desire in this lifetime, how to feel energy, how to heal yourself, and yes, how to channel!


Hello, I’m Christina, a first person channeler, hypnotherapist, and spiritual coach. I work with an ascended master and Angel whose name is Athella. Athella first appeared to me in full form in 2015 and since then I have been channeling around the world, sharing her voice and teachings.

Athella speaks and presents her energy through my body using an ancient technique called channeling. The purpose of her presence is for healing. She has healed thousands of people from all different types of afflictions. She also connects people to their own Guides, assists people in manifesting, and instructs us humans on how we can live in a higher way.

Before we kick off this free course where you will learn the basics of channeling, I would like to briefly introduce myself:

Remember that movie where that child said “I see dead people”? Well, since I was a child I have been able to see and interact with dead people, but since meeting Athella I have learned that I was not seeing dead people- those beings were/are very much alive. So, to be very accurate, I could say: since childhood, I have seen life, life in other dimensions, and living beings that are not in physical forms.

Communicating with beings that are not in the physical form can be tricky business when you are 5 years old. I had a rough and troubled childhood and early adulthood, not only because I was “psychic” or “gifted”, but because of ongoing complex trauma, sexual/physical abuse, abandonment, addiction, dis-ease, and being surrounded by adults that were not well in the head. After a long haul into adulthood, and (thankfully) a deep awakening, I began to coach individuals and develop myself as a hypnosis expert. It was through this incredible journey that I one day put myself into a transcental trance state for the purpose of regression… and there she was.

Athella showed up in a magnified yet tender image that was all around me and larger than life itself. She appeared to me as an angel, as real as the computer I am now using to type these words with. She was very tall, hugely tall, and had a shimmery shine and glow all around her. Think white, pure sparkly white, then multiply this by trillions of fireworks combined and you will have a glimpse of the magnitude of her radiant light. I really was struck by her appearance, she was breathtakingly beautiful- long luxurious blond hair and aqua marine eyes.

During this encounter one of the things that occurred was that she told me that I have a choice. My choice would be to continue to suffer and live through ego, or learn a new way of living. This new way of living would entail becoming an open channel, a direct conduit for her energy; the purpose of this would be to heal people around the world. In her very gentle way, she showed me pictures of what life would look like for me if I accepted this mission.

I said yes!

Ever since that day, I have had to face all my fears, I have had to let go of attachments, I have had to learn all about my ego and all the masks of my ego, and I have had to let go of my own identity altogether. As a result, I have had the deep blessing and honor of helping other people unburden themselves from their past, their pain, their ego, and their suffering.

Our company, Athella.org, has its roots laid deep within the teachings of Athella. I live and practice her prescription for living life every day and I’ve got to tell you, I have never felt so alive. Everyone that I’ve ever met who puts into motion what Athella suggests will not only be healthier, stronger, feel younger/lighter, but you will find that you are more capable of living life in the only time that there every really is- RIGHT NOW. Because you are in real time, the now, you are able to be the creator of your own art project, this thing we call ‘your life’. Manifesting anything you desire then becomes a delightful ride, an organic process, just something you do naturally and easily.


What is channeling?

Channeling is a fancy word that we as humans created to describe a process that is natural and inherently built in to our DNA. Channeling really means connecting to energy systems which are already all around us and within us, but our awareness of these energies gets covered up by our conscious thinking world and ego.

When we say the word channeling it seems to conjure up so many different responses in people. Some people are instantly bedazzled, they are fascinated and they themselves want to learn the skill. For some it seems to imply that something superhuman or defying all science is behind it. For some there is an instant rejection, “that’s Satanic” or “that’s evil witchcraft” or “that’s not Christian”. Perhaps then we could come up with a more apt word to describe the verb, the action, what really happens when we channel.

Call it something else if you need to.

I think people would not be very surprised to know that most of my client base do not want anyone knowing that they work with a channeler. The word “channeling” can create different reactions & responses in different people. Let’s say that you are an attorney, a doctor, a law enforcement official, or are in the corporate arena (and I’ve worked with professionals from all these fields) and you want to bring channeling into your workplace so that you can bring about certain results that will benefit clients/patients. Or maybe you want to share certain aspects of channeling with your clients/patients because you know that it will help make your job easier.

Odds are, you will need to come up with a different word other than channeling if you are to share with others this amazing skill. Why? Because the fact remains that this word channeling freaks people out. Even in 2017 as I write this, I can honestly say that most people on this planet have no idea what channeling is, and it has not yet become mainstream enough to be accepted.

Instead you could call it “connecting” or “tuning in”.

Who can channel?


Everyone! Everyone channels every day, it’s just that you maybe don’t call it “channeling”. You might call it “being in the zone”, or “focusing”, or “enjoyment”, or “daydreaming”, or “spacing out”.

The idea that you will “learn” how to channel, that you need to be “taught” how to channel is not entirely accurate (although for practical purposes we are calling this course Basics of Channeling so it is clearly understood what the objective is). You are already equipped with everything you need to channel, and you already channel daily even if you don’t think you do. No one can teach you how to channel, but it is possible to be guided by someone who does it all the time and has the level of consciousness that enhances channeling, to help you discover what channeling means to you. You can then refine and sharpen your way of channeling with the help of guided support (that’s where myself and Athella come in handy!)

Through our process in this course, you will see how your unique way of channeling will emerge and how it does not come from outside of you… but rather, it comes from opening up and feeling your one-ness with all of Life. Channeling happens when you open up and allow it to happen.

Pre-channeling Exercise #1: Discovering your LaunchPad

Welcome to your LaunchPad! What is a LaunchPad anyway? 

Just like the word implies, the LaunchPad is something you are going to use to launch yourself from. It is a springboard into channeling and in my experience it is one of the easiest ways to lift up and connect as a beginner channeler. I have taught this to very young children and the concept itself is so basic and easy, literally ANYONE can do it!


You are going to build for yourself, using your powerful imagination, a platform that you are going to stand on. You can do this within seconds. Close your eyes and imagine you are standing on a pad or raised platform. If you have difficulty with visualizing this, I recommend you study this picture and use it for your visualizations until you are able to build one of your own. 

This is not pretending! We are not pretending to be standing on a LaunchPad, we ARE on the LaunchPad. This is why the most talented people in the world will tell you that they achieved their greatness by visualizing themselves doing what they do best by using visualization exercises- they are not pretending, they are seeing themselves AS that which they want to be. For example, a professional athlete will train mentally for their event and they will see themselves winning the Gold- they will review their event in their mind to perfection and they will really feel it in their body.

Really feel your LaunchPad. Be there, be on it, and feel it with your whole mind and body. 

Feel this platform, take it in using all 5 senses. Feel with your body how it feels to be standing on it. Feel the material you are standing on. Notice how tall and high up you feel, it should feel like you are higher up than if you were just standing on the ground. Now notice (with your eyes closed) any sensations or sounds around you as you stand on your LaunchPad. Be aware of any smells, any images or thoughts that come to mind, take it all in. 


If even for one second you could feel yourself standing on your LaunchPad then you have already made huge advances with your channeling.. it means that your mind will allow your body to prepare for channeling. It also means that you are developing a seldom talked about skill which is called concentration or focusing. In order to channel, you need to be able to concentrate or focus. 

What are the different types of channeling?

This is like asking a gardener how many different types of species of plants there are on planet Earth. There are a zillion ways to channel. Again, we need to move away from the notion that channeling is only available for people who are “gifted” or who have reached a certain status in their spiritual awakening.

First person channeling with an ascended being who heals other humans (which is my life's work with Athella) is the highest channeling form possible, and the most advanced. It is also a spiritual calling that requires a complete commitment, discipline, trust, and willingness to serve humanity. This course covers all other basic channeling forms, learning how you channel best, and exercises to enhance your channeling skills.


Some common examples of how you might have already begun channeling but not know it yet are:

-When you watch a movie and you become so emotionally involved in it that it makes you react in an emotional way (laughing, crying, fear, identifying with the characters, etc.)

-When you engage in a favorite activity, something you are really passionate about, and time seems to stop because you enjoy it so much that you could do it all day

-When you sing or engage in anything that involves music (music has a high vibrational quality to it and is a conductor for channeling)

-When you meditate or pray

-When you laugh, sneeze, or orgasm

-When you exercise or move your body to the point where the pulse is elevated and there is a sweat drop on one or both sides of the forehead/face

-When you dream

-When you drive and you arrive to your destination and you don't remember how you got there

-Whenever you feel good! You might catch yourself feeling good, feeling in sync, it's a great day, and say phrases like:

"I'm on a roll!"

"I am on fire!"


"Everything is going my way!"

"I feel fantastic!"

-Whenever you are present and living in the moment

-When you play with children or animals

-While in nature

The most common forms of channeling are the ones we will cover in this first free course- they are what I would consider, the “basic” forms of channeling, and the ones that I see most often in my work.

-Channeling your Guides: Simple as that. You meet your Guides and hang out with them everyday and they will show you images, give you feelings/body experiences, they appear in dreams, they appear as elements in nature, they help you to change your frequency, they give you messages/important information, or they just come to say hi. 

-Clairaudience Channeling: This is where you connect and receive messages by way of hearing, through the ears or audibly, the energy of what you are channeling. I have noticed in my experience that this type of channeling is one of the first skills that comes to people, helping them to hear the voice of their Guides, or whatever energy they are tuned in to. This type of channeling is done best (in the beginning) through meditation and with silence.

-Musical Channeling: Either you are hearing music, singing it, dancing to it, composing it, or playing instruments (or any type of activity where music vibration is involved) and you connect with your Guides by tuning in to the music vibration. Quite often, messages and answers to questions will come to you fast as you learn to channel with the frequency of music.

-Kinestic Channeling: Move your body joyfully, doing a physical activity you love (as Athella calls it) and raise your pulse to the point that sweat beads are forming on the skin, and what you are doing is entering into a kinestic channeling state. In this altered state, your physical body releases chemicals, the brain patterns change, and you move beyond the thoughts in your head. You are, as athletes will call it, "in the zone". In this elevated state, connection to your Guides or other Light energies is easy and feels fluid. Many times we will hear the whisper of our Guides, images will come to our mind, or solutions to our problems are shown to us.

-Animal or Elemental Channeling: A more rare channeling form for some beginners appears to be when there is a strong connection to an animal Guide or to one of the elements of Mother Earth. If this occurs in your channeling it may arise as animal-like movement, sounds, images, or strong urges to be in Nature. You may seek out one or all of the elements (Earth, Water, Air, and Fire) and find that you bond with it to the point that your physical body begins to shift or change, you crave being in the elements, and your best channeling happens when you deliberately put yourself in a space where you can be with your animal Guide or in Nature.

-Numbers, Electronics, and other Oddball Ways: Channeling by way of using digits and numbers is crafty and quite unique. Usually your Guides are attempting to get your attention by showing you a specific sequence of numbers. Only you will know what this is. Once this happens, often a bond is formed and you can come to rely upon this type of communication (just to be clear, make sure to ask and check in that the Being is of Light and since it is numbers, ask what the heck the numbers mean).

More rarely, channeling by electronic devices is used when someone is very clean/clear and whatever is coming through wants to have a physical demonstration.


Even more rare than this is channeling objects (telekinesis), or in my case, first person channeling where a high Being steps in and the human vacates the premises altogether. 

Intention is EVERYTHING

Before I begin any channeling, I always silently (or sometimes aloud even) clearly state what my intention is. Intention setting is so critical; I just cannot emphasize this enough. Even if your intention is just to have a nice little chat with the Universe or to channel effectively-- you still need to intend that. Visualize your intention clearly in your mind, before you begin to channel. As you connect to your Guides, the intention you have set will be received. You will be amazed at how, when our intention is hoisted upward and given to our Guides properly, creative ideas and solutions to anything we need in our lives just appears out of seemingly nowhere. The more crystal clear we are about our intention, the better. 

Hoisting our intention requires getting crystal clear on what we want. For example, it does not work as efficiently to say to your Guides or Universe, "I intend and now receive lots of money". Declaring to your Guides or Universe "I intend and now receive $5000.00 or a greater sum in my bank account by the end of this month" is specific and to the point. Remember that Universe does not understand negative statements and will receive anything you put out to it, be it negative or positive. Make sure your intention declaration is first written down, and make sure that there are no negatives contained within the language or phrasing. For example, we don't want to write an intention such as "I don't want to be broke anymore" or "I want to quit smoking" or "I don't want to be overweight". Use only positive language that focuses exclusively on what it is that you really want and intend. Using the above examples, we would rephrase them and say "I always have all the money I need and money comes to me from multiple sources", "I breathe in only fresh air and fresh oxygen, I only crave fresh air in my lungs", and "I am at my perfect weight effortlessly, I have perfect health and metabolism, my body knows how to maintain my perfect weight".

Tuning in- Selecting the best Beings to channel

This part of the course is pretty important. The Universe is VAST. The highways and byways of the Universe are more far reaching than we as humans could even begin to comprehend with our human brains. As we open ourselves up to channeling, let's remember that channeling is connecting to energy and the quality of energy you are wanting to connect to is LIGHT.

Athella teaches us that channeling is the practice of Light. That definition sums it up so well, and yet it doesn't explain anything. She leaves it as an open concept on purpose, so that we can move out of the stories/information in our thinking heads, and turn our attention towards feeling energy- feeling Light.

You will want to know how to distinguish different energies and tune in to only those channels that are of Light. This is something that comes with practice, guidance, and working closely with those who channel only Light.

Protection- For this basic course, the premise for protection will be that you have prepared the body, you have set your high intention that is in a vibration that will attract only Light, and now for the logistics of protection…

When astronauts go into space, what do they wear? A suit! A protective suit that is intended to sustain their body even while under extreme rigors of space conditions. Channeling requires that same kind of suit.

I can hear some of you asking: “But, if I’m channeling only Light, my Guides, or my higher self, why do I need a suit?”

Think of the astronaut suit again. Here we have a delicate human in a body that is being hurled into space. In the event of fire or lack of oxygen, this suit does its job and keeps the body stabilized. But overall, the suit is designed for millions of different possible outcomes, it is an intelligent, sophisticated piece of equipment.

Unless you channel directly a high vibration or ascended being often, meaning all day every day, then your body will not be accustomed to the vibrational shift that occurs when you do channel. This shift can produce fatigue, disorientation, or can leave you in a vulnerable state where psychic attack is more likely. When you channel, you are in a powerful, yet delicate state. To protect your precious body, your mind, and your psyche means gearing up with an industrial strength suit that won’t allow anything other than Light to penetrate it.

Industrial Strength Suit

Remember our LaunchPad? Remember how we visualized that with all our 5 senses? This suit you are about to create for yourself will also be created using the same mental muscles you used to construct your LaunchPad. 

Imagine there is a suit, much like an astronaut suit, except this suit is made up of billions of tiny orbs of Light. The suit is shining bright and emanates Light. It is completely intact, nothing can pierce it. See all the details of the suit, the white translucent Light, how strong yet flexible the material is, notice that it is just your size. See and feel the Love vibrating and bursting from all sides of it!

Got it clear in your mind? Super! Now time to put it on...

Close your eyes and see yourself holding this suit up with your hands. Have a look at it. Feel the weight of it. Now somewhere there should be a zipper, or a way for you to open it up on the sides so that you can slip into it. 

Feet first, feel the inner layer closing in to blend with your skin. Up your legs, the hips/waist, now feel yourself putting your arms in it, there is even space for each of your fingers (like gloves). PULL the suit up over your head like a hoodie and then find that zipper or closure velcro and seal it up TIGHT AND SNUG. 

Let the suit feel like a real water and Light based suit, flexible, breathable, and perfect for your body.

You are protected by Light and nothing but Light can penetrate this suit. 

Say aloud, "My Light suit protects my whole mind, body, and Spirit and nothing but Light can enter this space"

How to recognize your Guides

Everyone of us has Light Beings around us while we are in the physical. You can call them Guides, Beings, friends, energy, Angels, etc. Call them what you like, Athella says they give themselves names only so that human beings will know how to recognize them and feel more comfortable interacting with them. I think a lot of people want more clarity on how exactly they can recognize their Guides.

  1. Look round the aura. Guides have an energy field that pulsates love and peace to varying degrees. They Love you, and you feel their Love.

  2. Guides are not ego shaped; in other words, your Guides are not your ego. Ego shapes are formations of ego that are needing, pleading, judging, insisting, blaming/shaming, or alluring. Any form of seductive or cunning energy is a sure sign that you are dealing with an energy not of Light.

  3. Your Guides abide by Law. That law of the Universe says you have choice. Guides cannot directly intervene on your behalf unless it was something you chose in your contract before coming into the physical.

  4. How do you feel when you interact with this Being? Feeling lightweight, peaceful, centered, loving, and energized are all signs that you are in good company.

  5. Plants and animals will tell you about your Guides. Also children.

  6. Ask Athella and connect to her energy if you need guidance about recognizing your Guides.

  7. Above all else, LISTEN to your intuition. Use your gut. If it feels dark, you have a choice and you can say "No".


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Stay in the momentum and keep yourself tuned in to the frequency of your Guides!

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