Special Retreat in Hawaii

Heal Your Life, Re-Training the Brain with Spiritual Neuroscience

Join author and international coach Christina Hill & Athella in a transformative 5 Day Intensive Retreat in Oahu, Hawaii

August 22nd-26th 2019

In this retreat you WILL re-sculpt your brain and re-program yourself for:

- Mental Calm
- Release and Healing in the Body
- Manifesting 
- Fulfilling, Healthy Relationships
- Spiritual Connectedness
- Wealth Consciousness 

This is a one-of-a-kind retreat hosted by renowned international coach and channeler, Christina Hill and Athella.. it is beyond words.

This is the only spiritual retreat in the world where spiritual neuroscience practices are blended with hands on healing,
manifesting, hypnotherapy, eye movement therapy, meditation, fitness, and nature excursions!

Did you know that your thoughts create your life experience?

Have you ever felt the desire to radically change how you think, to connect deeply to your spiritual self?

Do you feel a strong need to heal your soul, mind, and body? 

 This unique experience is guided entirely by Athella and Christina, to whom the participants will have unlimited access. We have a limit of 4 participants to offer personal attention to heal, teach, and guide each participant in a profound way. 

A quick glance of what you can expect:


- Individual sessions with Christina and Athella.

- A profound healing in body, mind and Spirit.

- In depth teachings and practice of spiritual neuroscience techniques. 

- Information about your Spirit Guides and techniques and methods to connect with them.

- A 100% vegan and fitness experience.

- Deep contact with nature and yoga.

- Guided meditations to learn how to recycle negative emotions. 



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"Tuning In: Angels and Aliens"