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special guest

Daniel gutierrez

Ascend with Athella in the Mayan Yucatan

with special guest Daniel Gutierrez

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Christina Hill and Daniel Gutierrez are a tour de force spiritual duo who are excited to offer you an unprecedented  awakening experience at the Athella Retreat Center in the Yucatan Penninsula. 


Two Bright Lights Fuse into One: the backstory behind how Christina and Daniel formed this incredible journey: 


In 2018 Christina and Daniel both were key presenters at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in NYC with the world acclaimed spiritual leader Michel Pascal and artists from Earth, Wind, & Fire, Madonna, and Michael Jackson's team of performers. They instantly felt a creative electricity building between them. Sensing the pulse of this connection, Christina invited Daniel to the Yucatan and took him to the hidden cenote and the Mayan ruins, where he felt a tremendous shift and an altering in his Consciousness. From there, the two decided to offer this experience with the female and male energy combining with Mayan and Incan energetic downloads. The rest is pure magic! Their friendship has blossomed into a desire to combine the synergy and healing of the Mayans with the Incas in an energy manifesto retreat together, to an even wider audience of spiritual Seekers.

About the Retreat

Who: Christina Hill, celebrity coach, world renowned channeler for Athella, Carnegie Hall presenter, featured in the Gaia movie Tuning In: Angels and Aliens & Daniel Gutierrez, an International Best-Selling Author, Master Life/Business Coach and Founder of Catalina Retreat Center in Pisac Peru

Where: Yucatan, Mexico

When: May 27th-30th 2020 & September 27th-30th 2020


What to expect: 

-Two Dynamo Spiritual Gurus unite to bring you to higher Ascension in Consciousness; blending a fusion of channeled Light by Athella and Mystical Mayan Energetic Uploads.

-Individual sessions with Athella

-A profound healing in body, mind, & spirit

-Information about your Spirit Guides and techniques & methods to connect with them

-A 100% Vegan and fitness experience

 -Deep contact with nature and the Dolphins, away from the city life

-Excursions to ruins, pyramids, and other sacred sites 





Touching eternity by swimming with us in the womb of the Earth at the sacred Yucatan Cenote...

Entering into the raw jungle with fluttering exotic butterflies and goofy monkeys swinging from the jungle treetops....


Kayaking with us to the uncharted waters of the Gulf of Mexico to play with the dolphins....


Meditating with us in the Mayan pyramids with sacred incantations for your vibrational well being, meet with the healing Elder Guides of both Incan and Mayan lineage, with Chrisitna and Daniel by your side to co-guide your spiritual metamorphosis....


Transformative teachings on themes such as Consciousness with self and in relationships, living in Presence in everyday life, thriving in mindfulness amidst chaos, channeling vitality of mind and body, moving beyond law of attraction into instant manifestation, and so much more.


Join Christina and Daniel on this next level of your inward Awakening and discover the Infinite Power of your Being!

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