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My name is Christina, I am a celebrity coach and world renowned channeler for Athella. My mission is to help you live an extraordinary life where you are always connected with your Guides and Universe.

“If you want to eat the spiritual “fast food” served by those with no authenticity in their channeling, then you will seek out just any human that calls themselves a psychic or channeler. If you wish to taste the lush bounty that moves beyond human understanding, and be nourished by its content, you will seek an authentic channel. You will feel the difference between the two.”


Everyone Can Change - From Homeless to Celebrity Coach
A movie about Christina's life

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Current Client - Christy Whitman

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Private session with one of the world's leading channelers

Ascend to a higher Light

Authentic channeling - Athella has already healed thousands of people

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"I want to deeply thank you and Athella for your service and guidance. I am now understanding more about who I am and why I am here." 

-Jason Stephenson

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Since Christina became one of the most respected channelers in the world she unfortunately can´t work with everybody anymore. 

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3 month all-inclusive online

Channeling for Real Results coaching program


3 day intensive transformational retreat in the Yucatan, Mexico


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