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"I want to deeply thank you and Athella for your service and guidance. I am now understanding more about who I am and why I am here." 

-Jason Stephenson

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"I want to thank you Christina for your work with Athella and let you know how much of an impact have had on the community here in Hawai'i. I am so appreciative of the session! I have since witnessed the changes that occurred while Athella worked with me...had no idea how loving and powerful she is! There is a new, strong image of myself emerging and my relationship with money has completely changed. The most beautiful changes are evident regarding the people here on the island, my personal business, my partner relationship, my outlook on how I relate to my family, friends, clients, the community and myself. I could write a book! Maybe I will. I could call it... “30 minutes with Athella!”

-Susan, Owner of The Healing Arts  Center   'Aiea, Hawai'i

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