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Discover our exceptional, spiritual retreats and experience total metamorphosis in your Life

Retreat with us means total rejuvenation of your mind, body, and spirit.

Come into a wild, unplugged, sacred sanctuary, meet the dolphins, meditate by the sea and explore Mayan pyramids and ancient sites! This retreat is an experience that you will take with you for a lifetime.

About the Retreats:

- Each Retreat is limited to 4 participants to ensure your complete transformation
- Located in a beachfront sanctuary near Merida, Mexico
- 3 days, all-inclusive accommodations 
- Gourmet, organic and vegan meals 
- Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, Eye Movement Therapy, Channeling, Mastermind and Meditation Training
- Nature excursions and explorations of secret pyramids and ancient ruins
- Transportation both to and from airport in Merida, Mexico is included in pricing
- Airfare is NOT included in pricing
- Personal email contact with Christina and Athella for your lifetime

Retreats available for general public now in Yucatan 

Athella has advised Christina to offer summer retreats exclusively in Hawaii due to high dolphin activity and global climate changes. Summer retreats will be offered in Honolulu Hawaii on a private luxury beachfront home in Oahu.


Registration and Pricing:

Participation in retreats requires Athella's approval. This first meet ‘n greet with Athella will take place via telephone or Skype. Upon approval, pricing details will be provided and your registration packet will be sent to you via email.

You will Experience:

- An unparalleled spiritual awakening with unlimited access to Athella and Christina
- Personalized healing and coaching from a renowned energy coach and channeler
- Learn channeling to attain perfect health/weight, financial abundance, and loving relationships
- Meet, channel with, and deeply connect to your spirit Guides
- Release blocks/barriers and negative patterns so you can manifest your deepest desires FAST
- Enjoy a total mind-body renewal by learning how to be an Upgraded Human
- Heal yourself with guided meditations and conscious fitness to revitalize every cell of your body

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