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Athella is a being from Sirius B and has never been in a human form before. She is here because humans now need direct, immediate intervention and healing.

Athella came into Christina’s life in 2015 while she was in deep hypnosis during an epic past-life regression. She told Christina her life purpose had been revealed and the time had come to start guiding people to find their true nature. Christina opened her whole self to Athella so she could speak through her to deliver healing and guidance to those in need. 

Athella shares with us that there are many dimensions, and that the universe is like a tall building (12 floors), where every floor is a dimension and every dimension is a different reality. Humans are on the 3rd floor and Athella is on the 12th floor. Athella talks to people through Christina's body using a technique known as channeling. 
Athella also shares that life on other dimensions is impossible for human minds to fully comprehend, but she talks about many topics in a way we can understand. She has talked on a variety of topics that are not known for many humans, such as: how the human body functions and all its’ capabilities, how to reach other dimensions, how to live longer and happier, how to overcome fears and trauma, the real nature of humanity, what is energy and how it works, and many more. Athella has mentioned that she is here to assist and provide healing to humanity, and she does it with energy that many humans are not capable to perceive. Athella says that every human has Guides from other dimensions. When a person talks to Athella, she is in communication with the Guides, and together provide the information needed for healing. Sometimes the Guides talk through Christina's body directly to you, sometimes in other languages. To date, Christina is the only channeler on the planet who is able to channel in other languages, including intergalactic dialects, all with the help of Athella.


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