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The Journey of Transconfiguration: From Channeler to Becoming a Sirian

​Since meeting Athella in 2015, Christina has been channeling for private clients and celebrities from around the globe, she has been featured in 2 films (Angels and Aliens-Tuning In: Angels & Aliens | Gaia  and the documentary Everyone Can Change-Everyone Can Change - The Movie), and she has collaborated with prominent spiritual visionaries in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall with Michael Beckwith, Michel Pascal, and Deepak Chopra, to name a few.


Then in 2020, Athella asked Christina to volunteer to become a Sirian in order to receive healing Sirian Light Codes from the Sirian based satellite, and to undergo a transconfiguration which would require a radical spiritual commitment.


Christina agreed, and what followed was a series of events that have now been documented in her new movie: From Channeler to Sirian: Ascension to Sirian Light Codes

To become a Sirian Christina first had to shed her 3D self in the 3rd Dimension. Her personality and body had to be taken to the ultimate test. In July 2020, she was hospitalized for over a month, with no medical explanation as to why her body was approaching the point of mortal death.


Christina's temperature dropped below what is considered humanly possible for a human being....


Vital signs soaring and plummeting, an energetic noose around her voice and unable to breathe, she received stigmata marks on her body.... these unusual marks created wounds on Christina’s back, around her knees and ankles, on her face, chest, stomach, and hands.


Paralysis accompanied these symptoms, leaving Christina (who is ordinarily an athlete, avid kayaker, ballet dancer, marathon runner and gymnast) unable to walk or breath without assistance.  She also received visions and battled demons; she was alchemizing and moving through Fear.


To date, no medical professional was able to diagnose any of Christina’s symptoms and thus no medications were given during this month long period. At one point Christina was offered medications to help her to breath and to dull the pain, which she refused.


After a full month of transconfiguration, Athella changed Christina’s body and the mind. Her body was restored, her mind more lucid than ever, her cells and organs fully realigned. Shedding of the ego was needed to emerge into becoming a member of the Blue Nation, the Nation of Sirians. She finally moved beyond fear through Sirian Restoration and fused with Athella.

Christina is the first human to become a Sirian.


With Athella’s guiding hand, Prism Light, and Dolphin Fusion, she received her full super etherical body suit and her Sirian Emblem.


Christina can now embody a 12th Dimensional channeling and can hold this amount of Light in her physical body.


During the transconfiguration, Athella introduced Nikola Tesla to Christina. Tesla´s coils produce resonances in sound and light codes From Sirius B that are mergers in the 8th Dimension, the Dimension that the Sirian satellite can be found. In November 2020, the Sirian Ambassadors arrived on planet Earth and can be seen with the naked eye hovering over the ocean portal in Yucatan Mexico. The Ambassadors granted the 11 Codes to humanity which are created through Tesla Coils.


The Sirian Codes are Blue Ray Electric healing agents, or energetic blasts of coiled Light, that were designed for healing human bodies. The codes were made specifically for humans to heal themselves during the 2020-2022 time frame, and they were constructed by Sirians using Sirian satellite technologies. These codes alchemize; they are potent activators for the Human mind, body and spirit, and are well emanated from Christina’s body, as can be seen in the film.


Humans can access this power and healing just by watching the film. The codes are demonstrated in the film in 3 ways: by text (the codes are written on the screen), by paint (the codes are painted on Christina’s body), and by sound with movement (each code contains a specific movement which is shown via’s Christina’s body).


Restoration of the human body on every level is received by the human being that sees these codes.


Athella has instructed our team to only reveal the codes for now to those that are dedicated to their spiritual ascension. To see the film and receive the codes requires screening via an application. To apply, please fill out the form here and one of our team members will be in touch with you upon Athella’s approval.

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