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Christina Hill is a manifesting coach and a world renowned channeler who climbed the ladder of her own spiritual ascension through deep human egoic suffering and trauma- or as she calls it- moving from darkness into Light. From childhood Christina was able to communicate with non-physical beings and had many other psychic gifts (including telepathy and telekinesis), and it took over 15 years for her to shift out of darkness and into a fully conscious "awakened" human angel. From a past riddled with addictions to homelessness, disease, to sexual abuse, Christina's commitment to dropping the egoic mind and living a liberated life in the present moment stands, in of itself, as a tour de force.

After serving many years in a children's hospital in the US, and witnessing several violent crimes, a near death encounter allowed her to receive divine messages that Athella would be aligning with her over the course of a lifetime. After her first encounter with Athella, she began training with some of the most enlightened minds in this worldly plane to fine tune her instrument of first person channeling and coaching. Now she partners with Athella to bring healing and divine guidance to clients around the globe.

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Christina has a unique lifestyle, she is a dedicated spiritual leader, athlete, and present moment advocate. She follows a strict vegan and organic diet, removed from electronics, outside of the matrix web, fasting every day, committed sustained meditation, and exercise in nature in order to keep a close relationship with Athella. She works with all kinds of professionals such as doctors, scientists, psychiatrists, engineers, business executives/leaders, and “seekers”. The energy field that Christina embodies is potent and can be felt both in person and through the mediums of modern communication, which allows her to synergize with a wide range of cultures and personalities. 

When Christina met Athella she told her that she would be assembling a team and developing a philanthropy program so that they could grow to a global level and travel the world sharing Athella's teachings. That prophesy has now been realized, as the Athella team continues to thrive and provide leadership in the development of human consciousness.

Christina's coaching and teachings through Athella have led many thousands of people to spiritual enlightenment and the realization that "enlightenment" is here and now, stemming from one's own inner resources!

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